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11-Dec-2002 - added to the library
09-Oct-2009 Version changed from "2.15.4" to "3.48"
18-Nov-2009 Version changed from "3.48" to "3.49"
13-Jan-2010 Version changed from "3.49" to "3.50"
10-Mar-2010 Version changed from "3.50" to "3.51"
14-Jun-2010 Version changed from "3.51" to "3.52"
02-Sep-2010 Version changed from "3.52" to "3.53"
04-Oct-2010 Version changed from "3.53" to "3.54"
05-Nov-2010 Version changed from "3.54" to "3.55"
26-Jun-2011 Version changed from "3.55" to "3.56"
11-Jul-2011 Version changed from "3.56" to "3.57"
15-Mar-2012 Version changed from "3.57" to "3.58"
27-May-2012 Version changed from "3.58" to "3.59"
25-Sep-2012 Version changed from "3.59" to "3.60"
19-Oct-2012 Version changed from "3.60" to "3.61"
13-Dec-2012 Version changed from "3.61" to "3.62"
28-Dec-2016 Version changed from "3.62" to "3.63"
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15-Mar-2003 10 phonetrbl Great program, freeware will allow you to set one alarm at a time, register and pay for more alarms. Very good graphics!
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Quick facts
Product TimeLeft
Version 3.63
Publisher NesterSoft Company
Platform Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 3,112 K
Released 22-Nov-2016
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 919 (0)
Rating 5.5 (0)
Votes 2 (0)
Summary rating -0.73 (0)
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